Audiobook Image Gallery

Audiobook Image Gallery

Richly authentic, deeply personal and highly motivating, Z-isms offers new ways to better ourselves, our experiences and our encounters.

Matt keeps it casual, as though in private conversation with readers, freely sharing his life experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caregiver and nonprofit founder with practical insights and ways to help navigate and overcome common challenges we all face.


Earned Confidence

My Hockey Stance:

As we got onto the ice for warm-ups before a game, I said to Frank,  “Yo Frank, do me a favor. Go stand in net and look like a goalie.” He came through! I also enjoyed a special occasion to bring my Temple captain’s jersey out of retirement.

Be Aware of Spiders

A Dose of Prevention

My Fam:                                                                        

Naturally, mentioned throughout the book are my wife, Erica, and our now young adults, Greta and Jake. I’m grateful to be able to share this photo of us together. This was taken at a rehearsal dinner for my nephew’s wedding.

Perception Is

The Barefoot Pyramid:

It was early in the summer of 1982 on Eagle Lake in Northern Ontario where I was fortunate to be at the hockey camp there. Two of the top waterski instructors had the idea and asked me to attempt this feat with them. Back then, this had only been achieved a handful of times. The photo was published along with a full article in the August issue of Ski Nautique News, the official publication of the Canadian Waterski Association.

Minding the Mood Scale

Managing Energy / Being a Life Athlete

The Elements in Motion

My Esalen Experience:

More than half a lifetime ago was a profound experience. Considered at the epicenter of the Human Potential Movement is the Esalen Institute situated with the backdrop of the majestic mountainscape in Big Sur, California along the glittering Pacific coastline. These may well be the best photos I’ve ever taken.

Swim With the Current

Making Coincidences Matter

Riding “The Z”:

It’s a quiet passion of mine that’s ANYTHING but quiet. Some years back, a good friend of mine who owned a motorcycle shop created this custom bike, license plate: “The Z”. On the side of the gas tank is the original “dotted Z” logo that continues to evolve to this day. Mostly, I enjoy cruising the scenic back country roads of Bucks County, Pennsylvania – where I call home.

Amplifying Gratitude

Our Bengal Refuge:             

It’s no coincidence that Zoey is in front. She’s always the center of attention. On the chair to the left is her sister Paizley. She’s the lap cat in the family. In this photo, they had just celebrated their first birthday. Last, but not least, is Buzz. He’s very laid back and set in his ways. They’re all rescues and get along really well. Did you notice that all their names have Z’s?


Our Engagement:

The date was 4/22/17, I took Erica to New York City for the weekend for what she thought was to celebrate her birthday. My plan was to propose in a rowboat there in Central Park but the weather had other ideas. I soon learned that rowboats don’t row in the rain. My spontaneous Plan B worked out even better. We walked to the iconic Bethesda Fountain and Terrace where my hidden photographer could get the best shot.

Winning the Battle Within