Choose Happierness

Choose Happierness

Richly authentic, deeply personal and highly motivating, Z-isms offers ways to better ourselves, our experiences and our encounters.

It’s impossible to read this book and not be better for it.

Featuring weekly shows with guest and solo episodes, Insights to Live By uncovers new pearls of wisdom to put into action to achieve Happierness.

Z-ism [zee-is-um]

Pearls of wisdom, original wit or personal experience shared to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible; Insights to Live By.

Happierness [hap-ee-er-nes]

The premier mindset of Z-isms to be intentionally present and have a reflex of positivity by choosing to make the best of every situation to live the happiest life.

Matt's Story

Matt Zinman is a difference-maker, speaker, author, podcast host, nonprofit founder and course creator. His Z-isms is written as though in private conversation with readers, freely sharing his experiences to help others overcome challenges and provide insights and innovative ways to enrich their lives.

“As proud as I am of the book, I believe the Life Upgrade to be the most comprehensive, practical and transformative human enrichment program anywhere.” – Matt Zinman