Z-ism [zee-iz-um] (noun)

Pearls of wisdom, original wit or personal experience
shared to positively impact the lives of as many people
as possible;  Insights to Live By

Book Capsule

Richly authentic, deeply personal and highly motivating,
Z-isms offers new ways to better ourselves, our experiences
and our encounters.
Matt keeps it casual with readers,
as though in private conversation, freely sharing his own life
experiences and challenges.
It’s impossible to read Z-isms
and not be better for it.

Key Topics

Self-Discovery & Mindset

  • Defeating Worry and Anxiety with “Earned Confidence”
  • Recognizing True Perception (seeing things as they are)
  • A Dose of Prevention (solutions to ease daily living)
  • The Depression-Elevation Mood Scale (mental health)

Amplified Awareness

  • Swimming with the Current (going with the flow)
  • Making Coincidences Matter (and having fun with 11:11)
  • Harnessing Gratitude (applying the Law of Attraction)
  • Inevitability (achieving purpose through self-belief)

Life Enrichment

  • Being a Life Athlete (optimal self-care)
  • Winning the Battle Within (kindness as a guiding principle)
  • Legacy Achievement (defining and fulfilling your “Why”)
  • Completing your Life Enrichment Action Plan (LEAP)
  • Joining the Community Forum (InsightsToLiveBy.com)

Personal Interactions & Relationships

  • Sizing People Up
  • Combating Spiders (manipulators)
  • Natural Elements in Motion (characteristics and traits)
  • Managing Energy (the invisible force among us)

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