Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops

Some things must be experienced to be learned. This is what led Matt to adapt Z-isms into a comprehensive, self-engagement curriculum with team-learning to foster connection. These activity-centric courses feature content about mindset, purpose, wellness, mindfulness, interactions, career and, of course, insights involving his concept of Happierness®.

This wide-range of topics also enable him to highly customize workshops, webinars and speaking engagements. Below are two samples of interactive workshops to address employee wellbeing. Additional examples of more focused topics he can address include:

• Overcoming Depression and Burnout

• Leading with Empathy and Resilience

• Living More Presently

• Energy Management

• Elements in Motion (Personality Interactions)

• Conflict and Anger Management

• Honing Your Intuition

• Finding Your Calling

• Aligning Your Livelihood

• Mentorship Program Excellence

• Internship Program Excellence

• The 8 Facets of Happierness®