Instilling Presence 

Instilling Presence and Resilience

“Uncommon Mindset Techniques to Instill Presence and Resilience”

Culminating from the book and course content, this “Z-isms 3.0” interactive program incorporates original innovative concepts and techniques for participants to cultivate the mindset, resilience and habits to think, feel and perform at their best. Adaptable for all presentation formats – keynotes, live training workshops, webinars or intensive retreats – featured subtopics involve:

  • 3 Pursuits for Happierness®
  • 3 Filters that Shape Reality
  • 3 Forces of Distraction
  • 3 Mindset Reset Life Skills
  • 3 Facets of an Enriched Life
  • Participant Outcomes*

    • Discover techniques to be more present and experience more joy
    • Learn ways to improve your focus, productivity and performance
    • Improve skills to manage daily interactions, energy and Mood Health
    • Strengthen your confidence and abilities to counteract negative self-talk 
    • Outsmart uncertainties like worry, anxiety, assumptions and fears
    • Gain access to exclusive tools to improve your wellbeing and burnout
    • Enable your positivity reflex with the Z-isms concept of Happierness®

    * The intensiveness of each presentation format dictates the depth of learning outcomes and skills development, such as to accommodate various interactive and experiential activities.