Life Upgrade

Finally! - a Life Improvement Course that delivers on its promise.

(All you have to do is your part)

  • Step-by-Step Video-Interactive Course
  • In-depth Z-isms Life Improvements
  • Insightful Personal Growth Activities 
  • Integrated Happierness Inserts
  • 15+ Bonus Life/Career Skills Tip Sheets
  • Personalized LEAP on Day 29

(Life Enrichment Action Plan)

Introductory Offer

$497.00 (Value: priceless)

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What is a Life Upgrade worth to you? 

In the span of your entire life are the next 29 days. Can you make and keep a promise to yourself to devote just one hour a day for less than a month? 

Then you’re ready for the “Z-isms Life Upgrade: 29 Days to Happierness,” an interactive eCourse with all-original tools, advanced techniques and instructive videos that provide the many enriching insights to live by that are simple, practical, powerful and actionable to live your best life.

The course experience has four course modules, each with 3 sections to complete every two days. 

Module I – Self-Discovery & Mindset

  • Perception Is
  • Earned Confidence
  • Winning the Battle Within

Module III – Relationships & Interactions

  • Be Aware of Spiders
  • The Elements in Motion
  • Swimming with the Current

Your Journey to Happierness 

  • Module Reviews
  • Life Enrichment Action Plan (LEAP)

Module II – Well-Being & Managing Energy

  • Maintaining Mood Health
  • Being a Life Athlete
  • Managing Energy

Module IV – Enrichment & Legacy Achievement

  • Harnessing Gratitude
  • Inevitability
  • Aligning Your Livelihood


* BONUS: 15+ Career and Life Skills Tip Sheets

Happierness is the premier mindset of Z-isms to develop a reflex of persistent positivity in response to real-time circumstances, thereby striving to constantly experience life from the best possible vantage point at all times.  

You’re only 29 days away…


This is the Orientation Video from WITHIN the course. It’s available here because:

1) If you watch this, you will be certain about whether you want a Life Upgrade

2) If you don’t watch this, you will be certain about not being willing to do the course.

3) If you watch this AND want a Life Upgrade, then you needn’t re-watch this orientation, which makes this time even more well spent.

You are worthy.