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In concert with his highly acclaimed book, Z-isms: Insights to Live By, Matt has guested on nearly 100 radio and podcast shows about topics such as: self-discovery and mindset; relationships and interpersonal interactions; amplified awareness and harnessing gratitude; and, legacy achievement and life enrichment. As with the book, many of these conversations are based on his experiences and triumphs over adversity as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caregiver and nonprofit founder.

Some of his media appearances have also been exclusive to his expertise as CEO of The Internship Institute, a non-profit he founded to bridge the gaps between education, active duty and employment by “Making Experience Matter.”

Featured Interviews

Matt’s mission to personally enrich the lives of at least 25 million people by 2030 continues to expanding beyond his book and podcast, including appearances in media interviews and producing educational content. Click the link below for some samples.

Presentation Samples

Sponsored by a veteran transition grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, Matt presented to members of the student veterans club at Penn State Abington. Also marking the occasion of Veterans Day, Matt teaches a specific technique that enables jobseekers to retain control of their search and, ultimately, secure an employment opportunity they knowingly want. He also shares the story of one of the most impactful encounters as a young professional to remind participants that they matter.

From the main auditorium at the Berks Campus of Penn State University is this clip from Matt’s presentation, “Make Yourself Employable.” In addition to teaching the best ways to utilize campus career centers, network with professionals and succeed in internships, Matt passionately shares other  insights and certain techniques from his own experiences. These include strategies for doing informational interviews, life skills such as managing energy and, here, about one of his trademark concepts called Earned Confidence.

Co-ops are the gold standard in experiential education. So when the Cooperative Education Internship Association (CEIA) needed to upskill nearly 100 college career center teams about developing virtual internship programs, they asked Matt to lead the training. In turn, the colleges then teach employers how to structure and manage remote learning opportunities for students to gain valuable experience. In presenting to academics, Matt takes a formal approach in this presentation.

Matt also offers expertise to help jobseekers take charge of landing their dream job. This interview sample from the Career Warrior Podcast illustrates Matt’s personable style with eloquence, sincerity, positivity and originality. The conversation also combines some of Matt’s insights from his current focus based on his book Z-isms to help others to live their best life.  (NOTE: Among the best segments to illustrate these points begins at 037:05).


Matt is a frequent lecturer and motivational speaker at colleges, universities, professional associations, civic organizations and corporate events. Delivering dynamic, high energy keynote presentations, Matt’s speaking style incorporates personal anecdotes and his brand of humor. Here is a sample of topics he may tailor to inspire audiences and enrich their lives:
  • Uncommon Mindset Techniques to Instill Presence and Resilience (signature topic)  
  • Defeating Depression and Beating Burnout (Mood Health)  
  • Outsmarting Worry, Anxiety and Assumptions with Earned Confidence
  • Managing Energy: Personally, Interpersonally and Universally  
  • Recognizing True Perception (seeing things as they are)
  • Staying Grounded while Managing Manipulators and Handling Haters
  • Living with Happierness: The Shortest Path to an Enriched Life (signature topic)

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