Mindset Reset

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  • In-Depth Approach for Self-Discovery 
  • All-original Practical Insights
  • Integrated Activity Tools
  • Techniques to Win the Battle Within
  • Customizable Personal Growth Plan


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Your mindset is a pretty big deal. Among all else, it’s the driving force of how you think, what you feel and what you do. It impacts how you make sense of the world and of yourself. Your attitudes, disposition, beliefs and tendencies all come into play.

Knowing we have so many moving parts at all times, those of us with a “growth mindset” realize the importance of a self-improvement tune-up.

Now’s a good time for the “Z-isms Mindset Reset: 7 Days to a Clearer You.” which combines all-original tools, advanced techniques and interactive videos to focus on 3 areas:

1) Self-Discovery: Innovative assessments to reclarify your values, beliefs, character traits, internal and external perceptions, self-image, self-esteem, current life priorities and other personal relationship dynamics.

2) Insights to Live By: Learn the guiding principles within Z-isms that provide the foundational building blocks for personal growth and life enrichment. These enable you to hone your mindfulness, free yourself of past baggage and avoid needless negativity about future uncertainties as well as improve your abilities to overcome life challenges and live in the present to experience more joy, gratitude and Happierness.

3) Mindset Reset Personalization: You’ll bring these fresh insights altogether on Day 7 with simple, impactful and actionable approaches to recalibrate your mindset and accelerate achieving your personal development goals.

Whatever doesn’t serve you – outdated thinking, limiting beliefs, habits that hold you back – are all yours to change. Your motivation, ability, discipline, drive and ambition are all available to you…

Q: For whom is this course?

A: It’s less a question of who as it is when. The Mindset Reset is for those ready, willing and able to devote an hour a day for one week to improve themselves and their lives.

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