Happierness is the premier mindset of Z-isms to have a reflex of persistent positivity about real-time circumstances. By striving to experience life from the best possible vantage point at all times, we can apply that resilience and hopefulness to maintain a spirit of fulfillment, joy and enrichment.

By comparison, Happiness is defined as, “The quality or state of being happy.” Given inevitable life challenges, happiness is not a sustainable experience. In contrast, regardless of incidental “life strife” at any time, Happierness exists in the silver linings along a spectrum of optimism.

Though not [yet] a recognized word, Happierness is also not meant to be a modifier to the existing derivatives, such as happy, happier or happiness. It embodies an independent mentality and state of being in the perpetual present. 

How's Your Happierness?

Take a “Perception Snapshot” of your individual life circumstances, such as: your basic needs being met, health, romance, family, friendships, job, finances and work-life balance to name a few. 

Go through each to assign a positive or negative for whatever reason(s). For those you consider positive, spend 1 minute to be grateful for each one. For those you view negatively, adopt the most optimistic vantage point of each, then spend 1 minute to confirm the single action you can take to make things better. 

Continue to strengthen your reflex of persistent positivity as you continue to do what it takes to turn negatives into positives. Strive to minimize how negatively you do or don’t react as life challenges arise. You’ve always overcome everything else. You’ve got this too!