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Who among us are without a loved one who’ve faced a mental health event or have struggled themselves at some point? Stigmas and taboos cast aside, Matt gets personal by taking this topic head on with bold authenticity. Sharing his own experiences, practical insights and actionable guidance, he also presents innovative tools (The Mood Scale), health maintenance techniques (The 3-Day Rule) and offers signs of hope.

In highlighting this vital and timely topic, Matt changes the show format for a candid conversation with Dr. Lisa Horowitz, a staff scientist and pediatric psychologist from the National Institute of Mental Health. Leaving no detail unspoken, they address mental health, suicide and the actions necessary to save lives, including those of at-risk children and young adults. Suicide either does or could affect anyone and everyone. It’s time to shatter the stigma once and for all.

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Matt's Personal Battles

Listen in to Matt’s two-part episode on the Giving Voice to Depression podcast below.

Resources if you or someone you know is
struggling with Mental Wellness

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Suicide Prevention Text Line: 74174

Mayo Clinic: Youth Suicide Prevention – What to Say & Not to Say

Click to download the Ask Suicide- Screening Questions (ASQ) Toolkit

Find your local NAMI

Learn more about Mental Health America

Find out more about suicide prevention

Learn more about the National Institute of Mental Health

Learn more about PTSD

Find online depression and bipolar support groups