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Z-isms Insights to Live By
Grady Harp
Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer

‘Life should be enjoyed, not endured’

Pennsylvania author Matt Zinman has honed his mind and skills and life to make a difference: his passion is to positively impact as many people as possible. Earning his degree in journalism from Temple University, he has applied himself to assist others in his work in public relations and communications management. He founded Z Communications, INC (‘connecting expression with impression’ or the sender-receiver feedback loop), the Z University, and is CEO of Internship Institute, a non-profit bridge gap between education and employment that cultivates opportunity for students, veterans, businesses, non profits and communities by ‘Making Experience Matter.’

The title of the book – Z-Isms – is defined by Matt as ‘a personal insight, wit or experience one shares to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible to leap beyond their limits.’ With that torch of a title lifted, this book sails into the realm of life guidance with erudite practicality. Rich in wisdom and insights and understanding, this book shares the impressive life of the author as he leads the reader through finding and using the keys to self-improvement and satisfying/rewarding interaction with the world.

One of the many aspects of this solid new book is the manner in which the insightful ideas are presented. Matt keeps it casual, as though in private conversation with the reader, freely sharing examples of his own life experiences and challenges as prompts to understand the impact his advice offers. His concept of Earned Confidence is a major topic throughout the book, and he defines this term as ’an undeniable logic filter based on one’s life experiences that proves it unnecessary to worry, be anxious or make assumptions about uncertainties because one is fully capable to cope with actual occurrences in real time.’ In many ways that is the key to his Life Enrichment Action Plan (LEAP) – one of his many phrases he has created to assist us in making that leap beyond limits.

So much of this excellent book is distilled in the numerous catchy but wise fragments peppered throughout the book – ‘Determine compatibility with whom we choose to let into our lives and then how to navigate those different relationships,’ ‘Why be anything less than kind to yourself,’ ‘The very best way to manage a crisis is to look out for yourself and others,’ ‘Live in the current moment,’ ‘Do I live to work or do I work to live,’ ‘You are the first you there ever has been or ever will be,’ ‘Amplify gratitude,’ ‘One cannot achieve lofty goals alone,’ and more. Pungent, accessible diagnostic methods to assess and embrace earned confidence.

Z-isms is one of the finest guides to discover our true self and stimulate personal and interpersonal growth in most every aspect of being a significant and happy human being. ‘Take charge of your career and life destiny.’ Very highly recommended. Grady Harp, March 20

Susan Keefe
Five Stars Midwest Book Review

An inspirational guide to achieving your dreams.

So, you like I wonder, what is a Z-isms? Well Z-ism is “A personal insight, wit or experience one shares to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible to leap beyond limits.” This is what the author Matt Zinman defines it as, and this is what he has achieved in this inspirational book. He has called upon his various life experiences, and those of others, given guidelines, and inspired his readers to begin a new chapter of life, armed with the tools needed to achieve success.

In order to write this motivational piece he asked himself what he wished his younger self would have known, what life lessons he had learnt which others would benefit from knowing, and lastly what lessons could he take forwards and use as a guide to living his best life?

Upon reflection on these things this book was born, and throughout writing it the author has not only examined his life experiences but also candidly laid before his readers the impact they have had on him. In becoming the man he is today he realised that he had a burning need and passion for these experiences to be shared, and that the lessons learnt could help others to achieve their full potential.

By identifying people either as Spiders or those who get caught in their webs, he encourages us to examine the type of person we, and those we surround ourselves are. Then he offers advice on how to improve ourselves, fulfil our dreams, be aware of our shortcomings, and yet be sensitive to others. He provides all the inspiration and motivation which is needed to become who we really want to be, teaching us how to build and reinforce confidence, and instilling in us the importance of a healthy lifestyle, exercising, sleeping, and eating well.

In doing these things, Matt Zinman encourages his readers to improve themselves, and their world, go forward positively and make the changes. He also encourages us to call upon our own experiences to strengthen our resolve and listen to our gut instincts.

To facilitate this, in the final chapter he sets down a formula for success which he suggests is instigated in bite sized chunks, and worked upon to make our dreams and aspirations come to fruition.

In writing this book Matt Zinman has provided each and every one of his readers with a blue print for success, both in business, and in life, it is now up to us to embrace it. Highly recommended!

John J. Kelly
Detroit Free Press

A Guide For Better Living

How do you live your most authentic life? That’s one of the questions at the heart of Matt Zinman’s guide (and workbook) for better living. It’s a highly personal and practical primer packed with anecdotes and life lessons to help you better navigate your way through the peaks and valleys of life. Zinman offers stories and advice aimed at helping you become more proficient at managing and directing your life. From forming basic healthy habits to dealing with trouble and strife, this book is a pathway to a better, more fulfilling life. It’s also well-written, easy to understand, concise and, often, quite funny.

Matt Zinman is an experienced writer, life coach and CEO of The Internship Institute. He defines a “Z-izm” as a “personal insight” or “nugget of wisdom” learned from what he calls “Earned Confidence.” This is perspective and wisdom that comes from dealing with a difficult situation. Although often overlooked, the author says this kind of learned wisdom is priceless, like when it comes to spotting “spiders” in your life.

Zinman dedicates an entire chapter to spotting these “spiders,” who he says can be very deceptive and debilitating. He defines these individuals as those who will “manipulate others without any regard to the negative consequences their prey may suffer.” These “spiders” are extremely dangerous and the author shows how to effectively rid your life of these manipulators and energy-drainers.

Other topics include: mental health, avoiding unnecessary worry, minimizing anxiety and stopping inaccurate assumptions. Zinman also councils the reader to “trust your gut,” simply by depending on self-reliance and self-trust. And there are chapters dedicated to “going with the flow,” and the phenomenon called “coincidence.” It’s all very useful and illuminating.

“Z-ism’s” contains an incredible amount of advice, experience and wisdom and it is information and enlightenment intended to help us experience lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. It’s a great companion on your journey and it’s a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who could use an emotional “tune-up” right about now.