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Matt Zinman is a difference-maker devoted to personally enrich the lives of at least 100 million people by 2025. He is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Z-isms: Insights to Live By, which is based on his experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caregiver and nonprofit founder. 

He is also the host of “Insights to Live By,” a podcast that invites guests to share their own pearls of wisdom for others to put into action. He also hosts solo episodes to delve deeper into Z-isms-related topics, including self-discovery and mindset; relationships and interpersonal interactions; heightening awareness and amplifying gratitude; and, legacy achievement and life enrichment.

In addition, Matt is CEO of The Internship Institute, which he established in 2007 to bridge the gaps between education, active duty and employment by cultivating opportunities for students, veterans, businesses, nonprofits and communities. The organization enables students to gain essential work skills and provides employers with the know-how and resources to “Make Experience Matter.

Matt also partners with his wife Erica, a Certified Health Coach, to help others improve their physical health and financial well-being with Isagenix nutrition and wellness solutions.

Matt began his career in brand marketing and communication management working for some of Philadelphia’s most prominent agencies where he assisted nearly 100 companies, including through his own firm, Z Communication, Inc., which he started in 2002.

He earned his B.A. in Journalism with a minor in film and broadcast media from Temple University in 1989. He and Erica reside near Philadelphia with their savvy teenagers, Jake and Greta.

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